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BlackSpoonBowl, A Grunge Plumbing Mini-Series, set in the time period of 1991-1992, follows Australian twin plumber brothers: Jake and Jack BlackSpoonBowl.

Jake (Mike Fox) gives up plumbing, to run off to become a grunge rocker in America, after an affair with Belinda Titson (Ayesha Tansey), soon to be ex-wife of a detective.  Jack (John Fox) narrates this crazy mini-series, explaining what happens to each character, including himself.  

Once divorced, Belinda Glow, (formerly Belinda Titson) wants to be a Pop Star, and Jack wants to be an actor in LA, leading them to travel together, with Belinda pursuing her dreams, and Jack's brother.   

Leaks, composed and performed by Mattia Signaroldi, with Mike Fox and Mattia Signaroldi, on vocals.

Cut Those Bangs, composed and performed by Mattia Signaroldi.

Feel This Momentcomposed and performed by Mattia Signaroldi, with Arianna Corona, on vocals.

Salsa (Instrumental), composed and performed by Mattia Signaroldi.

The unusual surname BlackSpoonBowl originated from a Facebook challenge for He Said, She Heard, where people left comments of household objects, to generate a surname, for a plumber character from the fifth episode: Sexy Plumber.  Listen to the extended version of that episode, with music and new scenes, below.


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